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Saturday, June 22, 2024

   Welcome to the website of PLANETARY MANAGEMENT NOW - a proactive approach to sustaining life on earth. Please use our drop-down menus above to find everything you need. Feel free to call or write (via CONTACT US above) with any questions you may have about our approach to planetary management, and for instructions for joining or supporting the network.

   Everyone is becoming aware that the entire world needs to become more proactive, in order to address not only the current social, economic and environmental challenges, but also to avoid in the future an endless series of crises similar to the recent financial meltdown or to longer term climate change.

   Planetary Management Now is a project we have formed in order to make a significant contribution to the world becoming proactive rather than reactive. We are not a think tank; rather we are experienced instigators with a forty-year history in the field. We believe that as many people as possible around the world should be involved, not just the academic elite, the politically powerful or the rich and famous.

   We use media, internet communications technology and direct personal contact to reach and inspire millions of people with the ideas of planetary management, and to connect them to each other to help implement it on a world scale - ultimately in every locale, every country, and every organization in the world.

   We are seeking additional funding partners who understand the need to be proactive, and who are willing to spend at least a small percentage of their philanthropic budget on looking far ahead. If you are interested, we would suggest a brief meeting or conference call to discuss the concept and what it would take to implement it. We need only modest funding, and we have both corporate and charitable vehicles in place to receive project funding.

   For further details, background papers and bios, please click on the drop-down menus above. Please note as well that you are welcome to list yourself as part of the Planetary Management Now network and to enter descriptions of the many pieces of the puzzle that must be solved and integrated to make this planet work better. We have also added a NEWS section, and you are welcome to post news that you consider relevant.

                                Sincerely yours,

                                       Bruce Small and Howard Rubin
                                       Small & Rubin Ltd. and
                                       Technology & Health Foundation

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